الخميس، يناير ١٢، ٢٠٠٦

National ACM Contest - Egypt

El Salamo 3alikom wa ra7mato Allah,
that time i'm not so late ;)... i wanna finish quickly today to complete my breakfast cuz i've some work to do...

The National:
e7na delwa2ty el tany, el far7a 7asallaha dumping 3shan el mwakef el kteer elly 7asalet fel nos de, bas fre7na b-fara7 el nas el-tanyeen leena :D

Dr. Abdull 2al feeh national contest (time not mentioned yet), we el mafrood 3ady zay kol sana el national ma bted7'olsh fel tasfeyet el-natayeg, bas el marra de, ta2et fe dema3' Dr. Abdalla ennaha tb2a zay el re-contest :S....shadddddd a3sab taaaany....

delwa2ty awada7loko el status bta3et el 3 teams:
1- Solved 4 problems.
2- Solved 3 problems.
3- Solved 3 problems.

ya3ni el far2 between our team (second) and wael team (third) far2 wa2t, fa Dr. 2al eeeeeh, el contest el national 3shan wael ye3'lebna lazem y7el one more problem 3annena, ya3ni law far2 wa2t bas, hnb2a e7na el kasbaneen bardo...
kam yom kda, we Cairo university informated us be-m3ad el national contest, it's 12-Nov-2005!! da bardo kan awel youm Mid-Term exams !!!!...el 3ameed allena msh mshkela, roo7o el contest welamma terga3o eb2o kallemo Dr. bta3 el assembly (Eid Ghazala) we netfahem m3ah...that's not the problem right now...

3addet el ayam, we 7'adnalna bta3 3 days training abl el national, we geh yom el national (FCI-CU, 9:00 am) kamal & moussa abeltohom 3andy ta7t el 3omara hena, bema enny saken fel Giza (H), we entalakna we e7na motawatereen, we mabsooteen :D, waslana el faculty we kan Abdulla, Mustafa, Haytha, Wael, Hosni and Sameh barra, da7'alna kollena sawa b3d ma sallemna 3ala team AAST ;)... baaaas kda, 3addet 1 Hr...2...2...m3ad el practice session (12pm)...konna bada2na ne2affel :^)....7'elset fe sa3a (Coach notes (Dr. Abdulla): DON'T EVEN LOOK AT THE PRACTICE PROBLEMS!). 3addenaha de7k we le3b we gad we 7ob ;)

kman 1 Hr t3addy, 2, nesally el 3asr, we tle3na este3dadan lel contest, it's 3pm :^)
the contest started, two problems foreach member, i got A&B, kamal C&D, moussa E&F
we solved B, as it's LCS algorithm, that's code is ready,,, but as non-expected -> WA
after some trials....WA too!!!!!!!
after few minutes, we found A solved by almost all teams, i read it again and again, kanet dema3'y me2affela, finally i got how to solve it O(n^2) {it has an easier solution O(n), e7l ma gatsh TLE}
solved the problem, submit,,,,WA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
making some modifications + submittions = WA !
kamal wrote code for his problem (C or D i don't remember)...then moussa sat to write his code, coming out silly problems!
the progress of Wael team is all what are trying to leeead, they solved about 2 problems till now! and we ZERO!
after fixing the silly problems concerning I/O with moussa's problem, we got it, the first ACCEPTED,,,,time left:= about 2 Hrs!
i'm sure of my code, for both problems, but i started getting hesitated!...i read it more than once, moussa doing so with me (As he 2affel 7'las)...kamal is fixing his code (moussa m3ah bardo :D)
{i've read kamal problem, and seen his code, and he has seen my code,,, but we didn't make big change :D....but that should happen in most cases ;) }

ignoring my sort function in both problems, the code is working correctly, i've made the sort function completely WRONG, it's returning BOOLEAN!!!!...i've fixed the problem, expecting that i'll get WA as usual :S....the second AC :D..fixed the other problem...3rd ACCEPTED, when was that...it was in the last 'freeze' hour ;)

kamal sat again to modify his problem, .................... ALLAH AKBAR that what he said, and we repeated, after he got the ACCEPTED...now 4 problems ACCEPTED.
We started solving another problems, and we are sure we won't complete it :D...but we have to do smg ;)
Wael kan m3ana fe nafs el hall, sallemna 3ala b3d we mabsooteen, bas ma 7adesh 2al lel tany howa 7al kam problem, 7'awfan men el sadma,,,
nzelna, abelna Abdulla, Haytham and Mustafa, olna n2ollohom, we homma gayeen-lena, kano beybossolna shzaran! ...3andohom 7a2, el board freezed 3ala 1 problem leena (konna el last :( )
2alolna 7alleto kam problem, olnalohom 4, :D, Dr. Abdulla 2allena ya seyya3 :D...kan cerificate we kman allena "My students" ... that's the award ;)
they met wael team, they solved 3 problems....

in the contest, the 4 hours, kont 7'las haya2t nafsy enny msh hasafer, we hathaza2, we kol 7aga we7sha momken te7sal, bas e7l 3adena ya gama3aaaaaaaaaa... tle3na el sabe3 sa7ee7, bas kan fe3lan victory ;)
The regional ends, we e7na 3addena el rakam el keyasy fel time, kan Thousand we shwaya :D
(take care, avoid it :D )
el-hamdulellal, el-hamdulellaaaaah

wait for the regional, kuwait trip completely, and the tiny problems we faced ;)
El salamo 3alikom wa ra7mato Allah

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Asmaa Magdi يقول...

Al Salam 3likom
ana ba2aly fatra mesh bad7'ol 3la ur blog, cuz kol amma kont bad7'ol makansh beyeb2a feeh gadeed :D. we lamma da7'alt this time la2eet 2 posts :D.

anyway, welcome back ;)

i was so exceited to read these 2 posts and know details about ur rejudgement and ur feeling during this period.
men el 7agat elly 3agabetny when u said:
"bas fre7na b-fara7 el nas el-tanyeen leena :D"
actually, lots of ppl kano far7aneen leeko be sara7a. even nas ento mate3rafohomsh men my friends.
another thing 3agabny moot. when Abdallah told u "My Students" :D u must have felt really proud then. that's the award fe3lan :D
bass seebak men the first thing he said ;)

about enoko te2asemo el problems kol wa7ed ya7'od two. mmmmmmmmm. enta adra menny taba3an :D, bass i think el mafrod enoko all te-reado el problems kolaha, then kol wa7ed yeshof emkaneyato. kol wa7ed kwayes fe something ya7'od el mas2ala elly feeha el something da :D. walla eh r2yak :$ ??

yalla, i'll go to logic and leave u to ur automata.
// sorry for being so talkative kal3ada :$

Mohammed A.Aziz يقول...

El salamo 3alikom wa ra7mato Allah,

about ur opinion "all te-reado el problems kolaha, then kol wa7ed yeshof emkaneyato",,, i think it won't differ if each team member knows what others know :)

that's the goal of individual contests, we don't want to break teams...we just want to improve their skills in solving problems...along with making Team-Oriented Contests too isA :D

i wish everything goes fine, to leave a big acmascis student chapter after graduate :)
Yaaa Rabb, sheddo 7elko m3ana, don't ask how :D

yalla b2a, salaaaaaam

Asmaa Magdi يقول...

7ader hashed 7ely, bass how ??!! :P

m3lesh mafhemtesh el 7etta beta3et "that's the goal of individual contests, we don't want to break teams"

eh howa el goal of indiv contests ??

Mohammed A.Aziz يقول...

"...if each team member knows what others know"

That will minimize the time of exchanging problems,
and each one in the team will be sure that others can solve what he can solve...when the other cann't, then he asks for help.
can u imagine time wasted when we all read all problems...what if i read just two problems or three, then choose the easiest to solve, while another is solving another problem on paper.

i'll manage a topic later concerning team management isA to discuss more widely our opinions.

I wish it's now more clear :)

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Asmaa Magdi يقول...

I was searching for Halim's song "de7k we le3b we gad we 7ob" and I Google told me I may find it here :D.

Yaah the memories :)

Mohammed ElMorsy يقول...

LOL, ana bardo dawart 3aleha w sme3taha awel embare7 :D

...good old days, indeed